Tuesday, August 2, 2016

November Chicago Tournament quick Pre-View

First, thanks to Rob Spatz for taking over this tournament and keeping it alive.
Rob did a call for ideas and from the great suggestions, he selected a Sub-500 theme.  Your APBA team must have a sub .500 winning record.  As a Twins fan I had many fine teams to pick from.  I debated an 80s or 90s team, but I am managing the 1988 Twins in the TCABT in Minneapolis in November, so I selected the great 1964 Minnesota Twins!

The 1964 Twins went 79-83.

These Twins can HIT!

Tony Oliva:  .323/.359/.557 with 32 HRs

Harmon Killebrew:  .270/.377/.548  49HRs

Bobby Allison  .287/.404/.553  32 HRs

Jimmy Hall  .282/.338/.480  25HRs

Rich Rollins  .270/.334/.406

Early Battey  .272/.348/.407

And, they can pitch a bit too:  

Jim Kaat  B-yz
Camilo Pascual  B-x
Mudcat Grant C-z
Dick Stigman D-xz

Al Worthington  A*xz
Jim Perry  B*xz
John Klippstein B*yz

Now let's get back to earth for a moment, they must have a weakness!  Fielding.  I will have a fielding 3 team no matter what tricks I pull or who is throwing.  

Mincher is killing me at 1B, a fielding 2.
Rollins at 3B is a 3.
Allen at 2B is a 7
The above combined with a fast but three 2s in the OF gets me to a solid 34 without my pitcher. 
Clank, clank, clank, iron hands in the field. 

You can still enter the tournament, just local the Facebook page and sign up, or you can leave a comment here and I can lead you to Rob.