Tuesday, June 28, 2016

TCABT -VI and Howie Mooney Does it Again!

Selection Saturday for TCABT-VI!  What a fun time of year.  

I have some self-imposed rules for team selection that I abide by now: I only play Twins, Royals, and Cardinals teams, with one exception, the 1990 Reds. 

Why these teams?  I grew up in West-central Minnesota-so a life-long Twins fan.  I did part of my graduate work in Kansas (RockChalk!), and I now live in Illinois and adopted the Cardinals as my local team.  The '90 Reds?  Two words: Chris Sabo. 

The TCBAT continues to grow every time we play as it is now up to 32 teams and may go to 36.  I highly reccomend this tournament as the play is excellent, and the fellowship is top notch.  It is a very well run tournament and you will have a great day. 

After midnight on Saturday July 2, we can begin to select our teams.  I usually play a few games with some possible teams and then send my selection in.  Some of the teams I am tempted to manage in the TCBAT are the 1969, 1987, 1988, and 1991 Twins.  I missed my chance to play the 69 Twins in the Prairieland Tournament as I had a death in the family.  So I feel I need to give them a run. However, Howie Mooney ran a set of 1988 Twins for me and I have been playing them to get a feel for them.  

Why '88?  Both Kirby (.356 24HR)  and Hrbek (.312 25HR)  had big years, along with Gaetti's best year (.301 28HR)  at the plate and the '88 Twins have 2 A starters, both with a z. 

Why not '88? Two, yes two, D starters. D as in "Death" in a tournament. 

Howie Mooney ran a set of the 1988 Twins for me and they are gorgeous.  Here is a shot of the envelope and card-back.

Below are some of the well-know players.  This could be the 1-4 in the lineup.  Some speed at the top with "Crank" and "Puck" and then the power of "Buy a Vowel" and "The Rat". 

The lineup as I have it appears to be a 1 defense if a 2 is throwing so my Ds have a defense 1 behind them as does my closer.  I can add a defensive upgrade at catcher (Harper is a 6, Nieto is an 8) and gain a 1 defense late in a game. 

The rotation is hot and cold.  Two As and two Ds.  The saving grace, those Zs are a big help. 

Viola as the ace and then I am always at a loss on how to set the rotation.  Conventional wisdom says top to bottom, Viola, Anderson, Bert and then Straker.  But in a tourney I am inclined to mix it up, Viola (A), Bert (D), Anderson (A), and Straker (D), so I have at least one A going against each opponent. 

The Pen. One A with letters and one B with letters, and both have a z.  Reardon will close and Atherton can go as set-up, and use that one-time A upgrade when needed. The pen is short. "SeƱor Smoke" Berenguer is a C* with xyw.  A somewhat available option especially in the middle of an inning so he is a one-time B*. 

Yes, I know, I can't use Howie's set in the tournament, but I own an '88 complete set. 

Howie also ran a Twins All-star team for me that I will post next week.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Season Projects

I am amazed at people that play an entire season.  Well done.  I play in one on-line league (World Baseball Organization) where I play 3 games a week to run my end of a complete season with 2015 carded players, and I play 6-10 games for the fun of it each week. Time to use those 6-10 games for a project.

I am about to start a project thanks to Howie Mooney, again!  I am going to play a Minnesota Twins All-Star team against a mix of teams for 162 games.  I picked the Twins and I limited the team to 25 players from the Minnesota franchise alone. 

Starters go 5 minimum, 6 outs per reliever, injuries are in play, most rules like our tournaments.  I am going to try and stick to games played for position players and IP for arms.  Example: Mauer has 138 Games in 2009-so Wynegar will have to pick up 24, Neshek has 70 IP in 2007 so I will hold him to 70 IP in my project. 

First, the Twins:

Catcher- 2009 Joe Mauer
First Base- 1988 Kent Hrbek
Second Base- 1977 Rod Carew
Third Base- 1961 Harmon Killebrew
Short Stop- 1965 Zoilo Versalles
Left Field- 1977 Lymon Bostock
Center Field- 1988 Kirby Puckett
Right Field- 1964 Tony Oliva
Designated Hitter- 2006 Justin Morneau


1973- Bert Blyleven
1966- Jim Kaat
1978- Dave Goltz
1988- Frank Viola
Spot Starter- 2004 Johann Santana

Long Relief/Injury Starter- 1991 Kevin Tapani


2006- Joe Nathan
2007- Pat Neshek
2002- Eddie Guardado
1991- Rick Aguliera


1988-Gary Gaetti  (3B) Defensive sub for Killer
1977- Larry Hisel (PH/OF)
1988- Dan Gladden (PR/OF)
1979- Butch Wynegar (C)
2006- Michale Cuddyer (PH/OF)
2011- Tsuyoshi Nishioka (2B/SS)

Tom Kelly

Home Field:
Metropolitan Stadium

Stadium Announcer:
Bob Casey

The Competition:  10 team "Division"
6 three game series and a two game play-off with the competition team with the best record against the Twins.  Only my Twins will play 162. 

1908 Chicago Cubs
1919 Chicago White Sox
1941 Boston Red Sox
1961 New York Yankees
1975 Cincinnati Reds
1986 New York Mets
1995 Cleveland Indians
2001 Oakland A's
2015 Kansas City Royals

Predictions welcome.