Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Doormen-A project with a new Brawl Chart

Another winter project.  The Doormen-fighters and tough guys.

In the winter I tend to watch boxing to fill the baseball void and it is no wonder that I decided to put together an all-time tough guy/fighter team and then create a new brawl chart with forfeits added. I selected the APBA card from the year of their most notorious incident or from the year that they had the most dust-ups.

The Brawl Chart:

I can send you a copy of the spreadsheet. It is modified from a version found on TableTop Sports to increase the likelihood of stare-downs and actual fights. I use the unmodified version for the Doormens' opponent, and the above for the Doormen.

The Tough Guys:

The Lineup:

C- Pudge Fisk from 1976

1B Kevin Youkilis from 2009

2B Rougned Odor from 2016

3B George Brett from 1977

SS- Bert Campanaris from 1972

LF- Pete Rose from 1970

CF- Ty Cobb from 1911

RF- Albert Belle from 1996

DH- David Ortiz from 2005

The Rotation

1. Nolan Ryan from 1993

2. Roger Clemens from 2001

3. Pedro Martinez from 2003

4. Yolanda Ventura from 2015

The Bull Pen

Rob Dibble from 1991


John Rocker from 1995

Johnathan Papelbon from 2015


Otis Nixon-  1991 Pinch Runner
A.J. Pierzynski -  2006 C
Billy Martin - 1958 Utility Infielder
Yasil Puig - 2014 OF

Coaching Staff

  Manager John McGraw

First and Third Base Coaches: Cox and Weaver

Batting Order:

1. Pete Rose
2. George Brett
3. Ty Cobb
4. Albert Belle
5. David Ortiz
6. Carelton Fisk
7. Kevin Youkilis
8. Rougned Odor
9. Bert Campanaris

We might as well make this an over-the-top team.  Hawk Harrelson calling the games.

Some scouting film on The Doormen:

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Prairieland Draft!!!

Here we go!

Remember: email me your pick.
You pick either a team or a Deadball player in the first round.  You are then to pick the other in the 2nd round.

Round One.

1. Chris Strangeman - 1975 Cincinnati Reds - Addie Joss
2. Eric Berg - Shoeless Joe Jackson - 1991 Twins
3. John Kalous - Walter Johnson - 1985 Cardinals
4. Todd Daniels - 1998 Yankees - Chief Bender
5. Tom Fulton - 1994 Expos - Jack Chesbro
6. Thomas Nelshoppen - Nap Lajoie - 1985 Dodgers
7. Dick Butler -  Babe Ruth - 1977 Phillies
8. Kyle Daniels - 1998 Braves - Eddie Collins
9. Mike Hill - Christy Mathewson - 1987 Tigers
10. Ryan Daniels - 1999 Braves - Joe McGinnity
11. Lew Ramey - 1995 Indians - 3 Finger Brown
12. Bob Eller - 1977 Yankees - Hod Eller
13. Gordon Rodell - 1990 A's - George "Rube" Waddell
14. GF Korreck - 1977 L.A. Dodgers - Ed Delahanty
15. Doug Bedell - 1975 A's - Grover Cleveland Alexander
16. Dave Rueck - Tris Speaker - 1982 Brewers
17. Mark Dyel - 1970 Orioles - Cy Young
18. John Roels - 1978 Dodgers -Roger Bresnahan
19. Dave Kagel - 2000 Yankees - Turkey Mike Donlin
20. Terry Wade - TBD - TBD
21. Jim Welch - 1981 Dodgers - George Sisler
22. Ron Casey _ Honus Wagner - 1970 Reds
23. Joe Schall - Ty Cobb - 1994 Indians
24. Dennis Daniels - 1997 Mariners - Joe Wood
25. Ty Daniels - 1999 Diamondbacks - Ed Walsh

Friday, February 17, 2017

Prairieland 2.0 Draft Info

Greetings all!

Here is the draft info. You will email your draft picks to me.  I will update the draft on the Red 11 blog.  

Email address is:

You can email me your top five picks if you want, and I will honor them to the best of my ability.  If all are taken you will need to email me a new pick so please pay attention to the draft board.  You can email me your pick(s) anytime starting now.

Please do not "reply all" or just "reply" to me with a draft pick(s) as it will get lost in the chain. Initiate a new email to just me with your pick and put "Prairieland Draft" in the subject.

I will start posting draft picks at 8am tomorrow.

You do not have to email me a set of picks, but you need to email me at least one when it is your time to pick.

Please pay attention to the board so we can move with some efficiency through the draft.

Remember, one Deadball player (make sure you can get the card or a copy) and one team 1970-2000.  When a Deadball player is taken, he is off the board (once anyone takes Shoeless Joe, Shoeless Joe is off the board).  Teams can't be duplicated by year.  (Once the 1980 Twins are taken, they are gone, but all other Twins teams can be taken).

I may have to enforce a 3hr draft limit per pick.  If you are taking more than 3hrs and I can't get ahold of you the next person may draft and I will insert you in when you get me your pick.  This will be my call to enforce.

I will suspend the draft at 10pm central tomorrow and pick it up on Sunday at 8am if necessary.

Any questions, please ask.


Eric Berg

I will start a new blog entry tomorrow with the draft board. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Prairieland 2.0 Draft

Greetings Everyone.  This is the blog where you can find all the current information for the Prairieland 2.0 APBA Tournament.

I will list and update participants, reveal the draft order, and update draft selections here and on the Facebook page, but this is the primary location for current information.

Here is a list of participants as of 2.15.17

Thomas Nelshoppen
Dave Rueck
Eric Berg
Tom Fulton
Gordon Rodell
Mike Hill
Mark Dyel
Doug Bedell
Joe Schall
Bob Eller
Jim Welch
Lew Ramey
Ron Casey
Ryan Daniels
John Roels
David Kagel
GF Korreck
John Kalous
Todd Daniels
Dick Butler
Kyle Daniels
Terry Wade
Chris Strangeman

Please take a moment to make sure you are on the list, and if you are not, or a friend is missing, please email me at:

Thursday evening, I will randomly draw for the draft order so make sure you and your friends that intend on playing are on the list. We can take late entrants, but they will have to select teams and players after the draft has run.

We are going to try and enforce a strict time limit on draft selections so please pay attention to the draft starting February 18th.  More instructions on the draft will follow after the order is set.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Prairieland Tournament Basic Information

The Prarieland 2.0 will soon be upon us.
Thomas Nelshoppen does an excellent job organizing this event, so make an effort to attend this interesting APBA tournament in the heartland.

Here are the Basics:
Date: April 1st, 2017
Time: Starts at 9am
Location:  Drury Inn, Champaign, Illinois
Cost: $15.00

Blog to Watch:  The APBA Blog.

Theme: Mixed 1970-2000 teams with one Deadball player 1900-1919.

Date: Opens February 18th, 2017
How: Email pick in to Eric Berg - information forthcoming on next blog post
Type: Double snake

The draft.  The Prairieland uses a double snake draft, two rounds, it is up to the manager to pick either a team (1970-2000) or a Deadball player (1900-1919) first. Only APBA cards can be used.
Please note: Once a team is taken in the draft, it cannot be taken again. Once a deadball player is taken, that player cannot be taken even from a different season. Example: Once the 1985 Royals are taken, they are taken.  You may, however, select the 1984 Royals. 

Example: Team Katz gets the 5th overall pick.  In round one Katz picks 5th, either a player or team.
Team Katz picks the 1911 Shoeless Joe Jackson.  Team Katz must now pick a team in the next round. The draft moves on the end with team 25 (just a hypothetical, we are not sure of the total number of managers).  The team that has the 25th pick, then gets pick 1 in the second (or 26th overall) and the draft then runs in reverse order ending with the team that got the #1 overall picking 50th overall to end the draft.  The Katz draft the 1985 Kansas City Royals with their second round draft pick to complete their draft.

Our Hypothetical team Katz has the entire 1985 Kansas City Royals team and the 1911 Shoeless Joe Jackson.

I will post the draft order and results as they come in here and on Facebook.

The hypothetical Katz look like this for the Prairieland:

C - Sundberg            .245
1B - Blaboni            .243  36HRs
2B - White               .249  22HRs
SS - Concepcion     .202      (Onix, I totally forgot about him.)
3B - Brett                 .335   30HR
OF - Smith               .257   40SB
OF - Wilson             .268    53SB
OF- Jackson             .408
DH - McRae             .259   14HR


Liebrandt                    2.69 ERA
Saberhagen               2.87 ERA
Jackson                     3.42 ERA
Black                          4.33 ERA

Quisenberry                   2.37 ERA

Not bad, not bad at all.