Sunday, February 5, 2017

Prairieland Tournament Basic Information

The Prarieland 2.0 will soon be upon us.
Thomas Nelshoppen does an excellent job organizing this event, so make an effort to attend this interesting APBA tournament in the heartland.

Here are the Basics:
Date: April 1st, 2017
Time: Starts at 9am
Location:  Drury Inn, Champaign, Illinois
Cost: $15.00

Blog to Watch:  The APBA Blog.

Theme: Mixed 1970-2000 teams with one Deadball player 1900-1919.

Date: Opens February 18th, 2017
How: Email pick in to Eric Berg - information forthcoming on next blog post
Type: Double snake

The draft.  The Prairieland uses a double snake draft, two rounds, it is up to the manager to pick either a team (1970-2000) or a Deadball player (1900-1919) first. Only APBA cards can be used.
Please note: Once a team is taken in the draft, it cannot be taken again. Once a deadball player is taken, that player cannot be taken even from a different season. Example: Once the 1985 Royals are taken, they are taken.  You may, however, select the 1984 Royals. 

Example: Team Katz gets the 5th overall pick.  In round one Katz picks 5th, either a player or team.
Team Katz picks the 1911 Shoeless Joe Jackson.  Team Katz must now pick a team in the next round. The draft moves on the end with team 25 (just a hypothetical, we are not sure of the total number of managers).  The team that has the 25th pick, then gets pick 1 in the second (or 26th overall) and the draft then runs in reverse order ending with the team that got the #1 overall picking 50th overall to end the draft.  The Katz draft the 1985 Kansas City Royals with their second round draft pick to complete their draft.

Our Hypothetical team Katz has the entire 1985 Kansas City Royals team and the 1911 Shoeless Joe Jackson.

I will post the draft order and results as they come in here and on Facebook.

The hypothetical Katz look like this for the Prairieland:

C - Sundberg            .245
1B - Blaboni            .243  36HRs
2B - White               .249  22HRs
SS - Concepcion     .202      (Onix, I totally forgot about him.)
3B - Brett                 .335   30HR
OF - Smith               .257   40SB
OF - Wilson             .268    53SB
OF- Jackson             .408
DH - McRae             .259   14HR


Liebrandt                    2.69 ERA
Saberhagen               2.87 ERA
Jackson                     3.42 ERA
Black                          4.33 ERA

Quisenberry                   2.37 ERA

Not bad, not bad at all.