Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter Back from the Dead Mini-Tournament

Over Easter weekend I am going to run a Back from the Dead Mini-Tournament.  What do I mean by that?

I am taking the 4 worst full-season Minnesota Twins teams in the history of the franchise and running them through a 4 team best of 5 bracket tourney.   Winner gets redemption.
Those teams, ranked from worst to best are, with their top player by WAR, Rotation, and Pen:

2016 Twins 59-103  #4 seed

Brian Dozier 6.5

Santana By
Santiago Cw
Duffey Dz
Milone Dz

Kintzler B*z
Pressly B*y
Rogers C*xz
Boshers C*xz

1982 Twins 60-102 #3 seed

Tom Brunansky 5.6

Bobby Castillo By
Frank Viola Dyz
Al Williams Dz
Terry Felton Dxw

Ron Davis C*x (the Vulture is going to get a lot of work)

2011 Twins 63-99  #2 seed

Scott Baker 4.4

Baker Bxz
Pavano Crz
Blackburn C
Liriano Cyw

Perkins A*xy
Dumatrait B*w
Capps C*z
Mijares C*w

On a side note, the 2011 cards are almost paper thin and the print is light.

1999 Twins 63-97  #1 seed

 Brad Radke 6.5

Radke Bz
Mays Cy
Milton Dyz
Hawkins Dz

Miller A*yz
Wells B*z
Trombley C*xz

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