Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Wild Pitch - Does a "coached" runner advance?

Greetings all!
At the fabulous Chicagoland APBA Fall Tournament hosted by Rob Spatz and won by Rich Zawadzki an interesting question came up.


Slow runner on 1st.

Manger is "coaching" the slow runner.

Result is "Wild Pitch, runner to 2nd."

The rules say:

There is a 6th rule, but it only pertains to 1st and 3rd double steals and the trailing runner.

Does he advance?

Discuss, and GO...........


  1. The other situation it doesn't explicitly state is a runner getting picked off a base. I think that falls under caught stealing though and so it would also be negated. Since the book says nothing about changing the result for a passed ball or wild pitch, that means the runner DOES advance.

  2. I say “Nay” to the base advancement, but I can not do so dogmatically. Perhaps a clarification is necessary from APBA Headquarters in Alpharetta?

  3. I say No as well, like Rich Z stated, I can see the base coach telling someone like Evan Gattis to hold on 1st regardless what happens, then a wild pitch happens, his reaction time with already knowing he's not running, will likely stay. I have seen instances with slow baserunners on first, and most always stay on a wild pitch. True, on that there is no clarification or rule on this particular case. Maybe tourney runners can add a rule on it, although the likelihood of it happening again is like a million to one chance.

  4. I agree, when playing my "house rules" I don't allow it. However, it is not recorded as a WP unless the runner advances, if he does not advance, it is just a ball. That makes me inclined to allow a coached runner to advance.