Saturday, December 16, 2017

HOF Christmas Mini-Tournament

I am doing what a lot of you have done, I have broken the APBA Hall of Fame set into various configurations and settled on birth month.

Not sure who they would play initially, I grabbed a couple of All-Star Negro League sets and decided they would make for an interesting tourney. 

All games in either Kansas City Municipal Stadium:

Or Kaufman: 

The HOF December team: 

Position Players in Batting Order: 

Rickey Henderson (12-25-1958) Designated Hitter (F)
Ty Cobb (12-18-1886) Center Field 2 (F)
Larry Walker (12-01-1966) Left Field 3 (F)
Johnny Bench (12-07-1947) Catcher 9
Al Kaline (12-19-1934) Right Field 3 (F)
Craig Biggio (12-14-1965) Second Base 9 (F)
Joe Kelley (12-09-1871) First Base 4 (F)
Tony Lazzeri (12-06-1903) Third Base 4 (F)
Ozzie Smith (12-26-1954) Shortstop 10 (F)

Fielding 44

Pitching Rotation:

Steve Carlton (12-22-1944) Bxy
Sandy Koufax (12-30-1935) Bk
Ferguson Jenkins (12-13-1942) Cxyz
Ed Reubach (12-01-1882) By

Lee Smith (12-04-1957) B*kw

The Competition:

All-Star K.C. Monarchs


All-Star Homested Greys


All Star Chicago Giants


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